B082 - Calypso

Green/ Orange

"I am open to the possibility of making a new decision that will bring clarity to a new direction."

Insight revealed as we make space for ourselves. The revelation of the deepest joy coming from the heart.

Main Theme: Overcoming deep emotional shock
Dominant Characteristics: Has accumulated a lot of wisdom from the past and can apply it to today's circumstances. Possesses a high level of emotional clarity. Receives deep insights and can speak about them. Is also connected to the flow of his/her own emotions. Knows where to go. Trusts the feeling of happiness and joy within. Loves nature and understands how it works.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A disillusioned seeker who is still shaken by a profound emotional shock. Had a difficult childhood. An egocentric who acts against his/her own principles and who is dishonest with him/herself. Is afraid to express the truth. In general, is possessed by a deep, unspeakable fear.
Spiritual Level: Releases past spiritual conflicts. Creates space to attain new joy and insights. Promotes a new beginning that may result in a very profound change.
Mental Level: Recommended for difficulties with the father and the resultant shocks and fears. Releases depression, as well as addictions, especially when the person concerned is aware that these stem from emotional difficulties.
Emotional Level: Brings about emotional clarity, happiness, and joy. Frees the user from profound emotional shocks and trauma.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk
Affirmation: I open my heart for new direction.

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