B059 Lady Portia

Pale Yellow/Pale Pink

"I understand the laws of light & how appropriate they are for my growth."

Letting go of the judgment of self helps with discrimination and balance.

Main Theme: Justice and discernment. Potential for great joy and happiness.
Dominant Characteristics: An excellent speaker with great discernment and a sense of justice, who has a feeling for balance. Knows about the structures of the past, especially in view of religion; at the same time, possesses an orientation to the future. Acts selflessly. Is kind and at the same time possesses leadership qualities. This person's sense of humor and joy is transmitted to the people around him/her. Is in the process of awakening and enjoys this search. Is thankful for what life has to offer. Tells others what they need to hear.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Cannot see what has been already achieved, but is always concentrating on what still needs to be done. Judges and condemns him/herself constantly. Talks too much. Even if very able and talented, has difficulty seeing what can be achieved. Has no joy in life. Harbors guilt feelings. Often a person with excess weight.
Spiritual Level: Establishes contact with the user's own truth. Brings spiritual discrimination, generosity, and gratitude. Encourages the individual to stop judging and condemning him/herself and others constantly.
Mental Level: Breaks up old patterns and leads to a new understanding, also to a new self-understanding. Helps to give up exaggerated analytical thinking.
Emotional Level: Assists in understanding that some things in life cannot be attained. Cleanses the emotional area very gently. Brings joy and helps overcome fears; especially the fear of not being good enough.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire abdomen.
Affirmation: I understand the laws of life, and I grow.

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