B033 Dolphin/ Peace with a Purpose

Royal Blue/ Turquoise

Peace on the in breath; peace on the out breath. I don't take myself too seriously."

Clarity and playfulness, spontaneity and joy. Communication from the heart clearly expressed.

Main Theme: Peaceful communication
Dominant Characteristics: An artist who works for peace. One who is connected to intuition, to inner guidance. Is absolutely devoted to his/her purpose in life. A reformer who would never let authority or authority figures oppose this aim. At the same time, this individual is a lovable, gentle person who wants to bring heaven to earth. Has access to other dimensions. Loves nature. Can laugh about life's mysteries.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A martyr in the negative sense of the word. Has difficulty understanding him/herself. Has no commitment or involvement. Wants others to take care of him/her. Is still suffering from a difficult relationship with his/her father. The love is deep, but this person cannot express love. Is uncomfortable among other people.
Spiritual Level: Assists the user in finding inner beauty through meditation. Establishes contact with other dimensions. Facilitates the process of self-discovery. Helps to open the Third Eye (enabling one to interpret symbols more clearly and become generally more clairvoyant).
Mental Level: Aids the individual in better understanding dreams and helps him/her draw strength from the awareness gained in this way. Gives access to original, creative ideas.
Emotional Level: Supports the letting go of feelings of isolation, as well as extreme insecurity and shyness. Allows the person to give the nurturing motherly care that he/she needs.
Where to Apply the Substance: In the neck and jaw area, along the hairline, just above the eyebrows along the forehead, and around the throat. Also, around the entire chest area. With eye conditions, apply near the eye sockets (only in the vicinity of the bone structure).
Affirmation: Peace is all I am striving for.

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