B023 Love & Light

Pink/ Pink

"I accept myself as I am. I allow myself to just be."

Compassion and self acceptance. The more we find compassion in the process of seeing ourselves, the more we can accept of ourselves.

Main Theme: Regaining self-love
Dominant Characteristics: Has a strong need to get to know him/herself and also carries out this self-knowledge (for example, through therapy, meditation, etc.). Accepts fate in a positive and practical manner. Has a lot of strength, yet this strength is manifested in tenderness, warmth, empathy and the ability to give and receive.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Is very insecure. Feels unloved. Develops one symptom after another because as a child, he/she received care only when illness was present. Has kept this pattern up.
Spiritual Level: Encourages spiritual strength and energy, as well as harmony. Opens the door to unconditional love.
Mental Level: Promotes self-understanding. Allows the user to lose his/her false self-image and any illusions about him/herself.
Emotional Level: Aids in overcoming feelings of frustration and futility when love is unrequited. Helps to free any blockages impeding the flow of communication. Useful in releasing guilt feelings and insecurity. Renews the love for oneself if it has been lost through separation or divorce.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire lower abdomen. During difficult emotional situations, apply around the whole heart area. When there are spiritual and mental problems, apply along the hairline, too.
Affirmation: I am harmony with life, and life is in harmony with me.
Distinctive Qualities: Only bottle where Rose appears.

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