B016 The Violet Robe

Violet/ Violet

"The more I get in touch with my purpose the more fulfilled my life will be."

Awaking to one's true self and service. A complete re-evaluation.

Main Theme: Spiritual surrender
Dominant Characteristics: Is in accord with the Divine plan and lives life based on this concept. Often gets spontaneous "enlightenments". Is in touch with the transformative process and helps others with their transformation. Often attends to the dying. Gifted with respect to healing others on the psychological and/or mental level (for example, as a psychiatrist or psychotherapist). Knows that his/her own behavior influences the behavior of others.
Potential Challenge Aspects: An oppressor, marked by lack of joy and by self-destruction; can have suicidal tendencies. Does not want to be here (that is, does not want to be incarnated). Cannot forgive him/herself. Clings to old patterns and behavior patterns. Cannot distinguish between the real and the unreal.
Spiritual Level: Opens up the user to the idea that one has to give everything in order to receive that which is truly needed and desired, that everything not in harmony with the true calling is really senseless and useless. Establishes contact with the true self and the recognition of the user's own life purpose.
Mental Level: Aids in releasing old patterns and behaviors, as well as self-destructive tendencies.
Emotional Level: Protects children before going to school (alleviates the fear of attending school). Helps the person overcome grief and the desire to not be here. Allows for the realization of the positive aspects of separation.
Where to Apply the Substance: Along the entire hairline.
Affirmation: The more I realize my purpose, the brighter my life will be.

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