B003 The Heart Bottle/ Atlantean Bottle

Blue/ Green

"I express truthfully from the heart."

Creative communication especially in relation to the earth, the earth's grid and magnetic structure.

Main Theme: Issues of the heart - the whole emotional side of life.Dominant Characteristics: When selected, the Atlantean Bottle indicates a soul who has intuitive knowledge and may have incarnated to bring gifts from Atlantis. This may mean a deep clearing out of old emotions and energies to reveal forgotten gifts. It suggests great space and ease on all levels, so this individual is able to truly be themselves, and therefore is good at helping other people to find their direction. Possesses the ability to be an artist, teacher, therapist. Can attain spiritual awakening through artistic, physical, and especially ecological work. Truth is very important to this person. Has the talent to achieve whatever they define as success. Brings in the harvest of many previous incarnations.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Goes to the extreme to fulfill others' expectations. Gives off ambiguous messages. Does not know what he/she feels. Difficulty in finding or creating a space where he/she can evolve.
Spiritual Level: Helps to advance spiritually and to discover what creates advancement. Creates a space where the essence of the soul can express itself.
Mental Level: Provides access to imagination and creativity. Useful when dealing with depression, especially exogenous (those which are not of genetic origin but caused by external circumstances or experiences).
Emotional Level: Removes difficulties in the entire emotional area, especially when it comes to expressing feelings.
Where to Apply the Substance: Across the entire chest area, in a wide band starting at the collarbone, down to the lowest rib.
Affirmation: I express love and truth.

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