B004 the Sunlight Bottle

Yellow/ Gold

"I am safe & happy & I know that I know nothing."

Knowledge: that which can be acquired: and wisdom: that which we already have.

Main Theme: Opens the door to inner knowledge and inner wisdom "Know Thyself". Also brings anything "into the light of day" so as to be seen and dealt with.
Dominant Characteristics: Possesses authority and a great talent for management and organization, and combines these talents with wisdom. Has access to knowledge from past times and can utilize this knowledge. Possesses the ability to realize a vision. Sees the funny side of life. This person knows that it is more valuable to know something than to possess something.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Is marked by deep fear, lack of joy, and emotional immaturity. Leans toward utopianism. Behaves in a very authoritarian and, therefore, immature manner.
Spiritual Level: Transforms spiritual ideas into concrete form. Establishes contact with intuition and inner guidance. Brings about "solar" awareness. Raises perceptive faculties.
Mental Level: Is helpful with phobias that have their cause on the mental plane. This combination is good for those people that must think everything through, and therefore search deeply for the wisdom within themselves. This bottle gives a pyschological lift - representing the promise of Spring - a newness of life - a new beginning. Metaphorically speaking, it is the sunlight we so badly need after the depletion of winter, during convalescence or nervous debilitation.
Emotional Level: Provides trust, safety, and joy. It is excellent for nervous depression, and for depression brought on by fear.
Where to Apply the Substance: At solar plexus level, in a wide band around the body.
Affirmation: I am safe. I know that I know nothing.

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