B002 Peace Bottle


"I breathe in peace. I breathe out peace."

Peaceful communication that comes through us rather than from us. A nurturing energy. A natural authority.

Main Theme: Establishes contact with true inner peace.
Dominant Characteristics: Is peace loving and in harmony with him/herself. Is committed to peace. Utilizes creativity, which is linked to the throat chakra (for example, in relation to public speaking). Supports other people. Possesses strong female ("anima") qualities and a close link with the archetypes Eve and Isis, regardless of whether the person occupies a male or female body. Is able to become a channel for information from other dimensions.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Difficulty in finding inner and outer peace. On the one hand, there is difficulty balancing the male aspect; on the other hand, there is a great deficit of nurturing energy (maternal/female). Has either never received nurturing or has difficulty providing this type of support to others. Fear of the unknown often prompts a tendency to "play it safe".
Spiritual Level: Helps to establish contact with the deeper aspects in oneself; also, the ability to become a channel, which means to allow information from other dimensions to pass through. Cleanses the aura. Enables the dying to make an easier transition. Deals with the personification of the moon. (Aids people who experience mood swings at various stages of the moon cycle.) Establishes access to deep intuition.
Mental Level: Comforts those who fear the unknown; also useful with problems related to concentration and speech. Establishes contact with creativity and intuition.
Emotional Level: Makes transitions easier - for example, the dying, for women giving birth, or for people in a crisis. Establishes access to the "strength of silence", and the ability to balance during or after emotionally charged situations. Supports a general sense of well-being and that one is protected. Helps to decipher dreams.
Where to Apply the Substance: The upper line of the band to be applied is around the hairline, on the neck, and the line between the lower jaws; the lower line of this band is at the level of the collarbone: apply around the whole throat/neck.
Affirmation: I breathe in peace. I breathe out peace.

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