B001 Physical Rescue

Blue/ Deep Magenta

"I am complete. I integrate every aspect into my being."

A peaceful communication with what lies within ourselves. Helpful communication.

Main Theme: To understand and accept that everyday life is spiritual; the Healer's Bottle.
Dominant Characteristics: Knows his or her ideals and is able to realize them. Has strong analytical, charismatic, and leadership qualities. Strong male ("animus") qualities, regardless of whether the person occupies a male or female body.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Difficulty with integrating the female side of being. Tendency toward mental over excitement and negative manipulation of others. Hard time expressing him/herself.
Spiritual Level: Connects one with his/her life purpose, which has to do with service. Facilitates the process of letting go of old belief systems.
Mental Level: Helpful with poor memory and mental over excitement. Stimulates the process of bringing up old memories to be resolved in positive ways. It is a favorite with regression therapists because of its ability to free thought. Amnesia and concentration difficulties both respond well to this Rescue Bottle.
Emotional Level: Calms emotions, especially during crises. Aids in overcoming feelings of separation and in contacting inner strength through self-love. Good for lack of confidence - particularly in adolescent males.
Where to Apply the Substance: Along the entire hairline, around the throat, neck, and ears (see "Distinctive Qualities" below)
Affirmation: I am whole. I integrate every aspect.

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