B110 Ambriel

Pale Rose Pink/ Deep Magenta

Compassion in all that we do brings harmony into our being.

Where to apply: Anywhere on the body.
Main Points concerning this bottle: Self-acceptance allows us to find love, caring and warmth hidden deep within ourselves. The essence of truth within ourselves may be discovered through compassing, caring, affection and love. Letting go into warmth, caring and loving inspires us to find a deeper level of relaxation.
Specialties of this bottle: One of the Archangel series. Archangel Ambriel is concerned with communication at all levels which helps us to access our inner truth. A deeper level of understanding is possible by experiencing moments of deep sorrow and moments of intense joy. In finding our gifts we become more whole and able to share our unique qualities with others.
Issue that may need to be addressed: Being absorbed by doubt may prevent us from contemplating the path before us. Not being able to release our fears and confusion from within may hinder finding truth and clarity. Realizing that being judgmental with ourselves and others creates a sense of worthlessness rather than s sense of worth. May suggest a need to overcome negativity by using our intuition.

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