B109 Zachariel

Magenta/ Mid Tone Olive

"Sincerity in Love- letting go, we're already forgiven"

Where to apply:
Anywhere on the body.
Main Points concerning this bottle: Letting go of the bitterness of the past to enable the love from above to come in. Finding love, caring and warmth within ourselves opening up the possibility of discovering new hope. Putting the love, warmth and care into all that we do especially toward all the little things and inanimate objects. The warmth and care of the magenta energy facilitates building the light body and nurturing the soul.
Specialties of this bottle: One of the Archangel series. Supporting the release of bitterness allows a "process of marination" to take place to reveal the gold within. Gives us the opportunity to be aware of the kingdom within the temple of our body and helps us to release that we could become the king and queen of that kingdom.
Issues that may need to be addressed: This bottle might suggest jealousy or the desire to be in someone else's space. Can suggest difficulty associated with the fear of letting go and the consequences of letting go, which may prevent us from experiencing the love, care and warmth within. May indicated fears of letting go of that which we have always relied on in the past such as the conditioned patterns learnt from our parents. Letting go of "dis-ease".

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