B108 Jeremiel

Mid Tone Turquoise/ Mid Tone Olive

"letting go of the past brings changes of perspective so that I may communicate through a loving and truthful heart."

Through the stillness comes the communication of love and truth from the heart.

Where to apply:
In a complete band around the chest/heart area of the body.
Main points concerning this bottle: Introduces the possibility for new hope. Love and truth combine bringing clarity to all levels of being. Accesses an ability to make clear judgements from a loving and truthful perspective. Encourages us to get in touch with our hearts by allowing the space to be still. The discovery of a new way of communicating leading to a wider audience, particularly through use of public media.
Specialties of this bottle: One of the Archangel series. Clarity of the senses helps us on all levels of being and allows us to view our perceptions of self in a different way. Supports the acceptance of the higher level of responsibility.

Issues that may need to be addressed:
Might indicate the presence of bitterness deep within which, when made conscious and let go of, allows new hope and truth to be revealed. Suggests a tendency to hold on to the past that could stifle and ability to come to terms with change. Potential for allowing love and ruth to flow without discrimination.

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