B107 Tzaphkiel

Opalescent Turquoise/ Deep Magenta

"The sea of consciousness opens before me as I let go of the past."

The creative absorbency that may be accessed by each of us. The love of the mother.
Supports from the Divine Feminine within for individuation and heightened creativity. The marriage of Love and Truth.

Where to apply: Around the hairline or in a band around the circumference of the body in the area above the heart.
Main Points concerning this bottle: Love and compassion expressed through our ceativity. The love in the little things being exressed through each action. As the love within our heart shines forth the shadows from within disperse. External expressions of creativity such as media communications are used to express the deeper feelings of the heart.
Specialties of this bottle: One of the Archangel Series. Aids listening to our inner voice. Helps us to realize our strengths by facing obstacles that may be in the way. Provides support for the love we need to give to ourselves and others. A depth of love enabling an ocean of compassion.
Issues that may need to be addressed: Potential for a need to learn to let go of anxieties and feelings of vulnerability to find greater strength. Requires confidence when listening to the small voice within rather that noise created by too much thinking. Tendency to identify with the shadows that hinder the discovery of why we are here. Letting go of fear to express love.

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