B106 Ratziel

Pale Olive/ Lilac

" I knowingly participate in the unfold of the plan on Earth." Deep Affirmation "I am open to receive the revelation of the deeper mysteries. I remover the veils that cloud my vision."
Reciprocal maintenance and the inner alchemy of the heart.

B106 - Misty Pale Olive/Misty Lilac
Archangel Ratziel
Where to apply: This bottle should be applied below the rib cage in a complete band around the body (over the golden area) or around the temples or in both.
Main Points concerning this bottle: The transmutation of conditioned patterns within the self allowing the revelation of inner wisdom as the gold is refined out of the raw materials. When situations or circumstances seen to be collapsing Ratziel encourages us to find the strength to establish a new sense of well being. New hope not based in anticipation of the future but a positive attitude towards establishing one's future by "the way we do what we do now". It may aid in dissolving the patterns of seemingly negative attitudes like the "victim" role or other unhelpful identities.
Specialties of this bottle: Archangel series. This bottle helps us to let go. It is particularly helpful in building the transformative energy towards alchemical change. It brings the remembrance of the gold within us and to remove or transmute imbalances that obscure innate wisdom. We may experience a new sense of optimism and a renewed sense of purpose in one's live.
Issues that may need to be addressed: There could be a tendency to think too much, to ponder or mull over the bitterness's of past experiences, not being able to let go of disappointments or what has stood in our way. We have a sense that nothing wants to change, feeling of being stuck in cyclical patterns of thought which keep repeating or creating situations of betrayal because they hold a particularly strong sense of identity.

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