B105 Azreal

Iridescent Coral/ Coral

"As I breath in the reality of love, I loosen my karmic ties."

Going beyond separation, receptive to the feminine and touching unity.
Deep insight, ecstasy and upliftment

Iridescent Coral / Coral
Archangel Azreal
Where to apply: This oil may be applied around the circumference o f the lower abdomen. This may also be applied down the right side of the body from under the ear to the tips of the fingers, then from the right under arm down to the ankle.

Main points concerning this bottle:
There energy to find insight, understanding and bliss from the depths of ourselves and let such qualities glow from our being. The awakening of our compassion and wisdom deep with and to accept these gifts not only for ourselves but to share with others. The grounding to establish the potential we have within of co-operation, community and universality.
Specialties of the bottle: One of the Archangel series. This bottle brings through the gracefulness of our whole being. It helps us to be receptive especially to the feminine side of our being within the depths of ourselves enabling us to balance our energies. An inner unity with the male and female of our being at ta deep level, a cellular level, which brings a cellular awareness or consciousness. An awareness or consciousness of in-between states such as living and dying, awake and asleep. The protection from external forces by the veil of radiance created through the iridescent reflectivity when the light touches the mica flakes and titanium.

Issue that may need to be addressed:
This bottle may help with shocks that we ex[evidence and with concerns or issues in connection with discrimination whether it be racial, tribal or genetic. There are issues related to the pains arising out of sexual difficulties and unrequited love which may have been repressed for a long time. To let go of the fear of being separate and alone. A healing of the timeline.

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