B104 Chamael

Iridescent Rose Pink/ Magenta

"I love myself the way I am. I let go of what I would like to be."

It is as it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being.

Belongs to the Seventh Ray. The Pink Ray or Ruby Ray.

Love, Admiration and Gratitude
Archanel Chamael

Where to apply:
This oil can be applied anywhere on the body but especially across the whole of the lower abdomen and around the back to the lower part of the spinal column.

Main points concerning this bottle:
This bottle helps us to find compassion within ourselves and having warmth, love and care to share this with others. Through accepting ourselves with love and compassion this brings a possibility for peace and harmony. In finding space within our hearts this helps us to put our caring into all the "little things". Finding a sense of balance enables us to give the love we have not only to ourselves but also to be able to extend it to others.
Specialties of this bottle: One of the Archangel series. This bottle helps us to become more conscious of the feminine side of our being, especially our intuition, allowing the chance for us to become more receptive to this. Having the trust to accept everything's as it is", is not to separate from our feelings but to observe more consciously. Gives protection in times of need in many critical situations.
Issues that may need to be addressed: May relate to those who have problems in addressing the conflicts within and finding it difficult to relax. Suffering created by our desires and wants not being fulfilled caused by not accepting ourselves as we are. Discover the love and compassion within by learning how to let go of anger and violence through seeing ourselves more clearly. Being judgmental with ourselves will not allow the being we really are to surface. Being judgmental with others may caused rifts or separations that are difficult to resolve.

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