B102 Samael

Deep Olive/ Deep Magenta

"I re-evaluate my beliefs and ideals and see a new sense of hope in the midst of the conditions of life."

O-Live, where we find a new beginning in relation to the hope within ourselves. Upon what do we build the foundation of our lives?

Archangel Samael
Where to apply: Over the whole area between the bottom of the sternum and the upper abdomen as well as the lower part of the chest in a complete ban around the body. This bottle may bring relieve when also applied to the back of the head and around the crown, particularly when an emotional or pressure headache is evident.
Main Points concerning this bottle: The Archangel Sameal has been described as one of the most beautiful of the Archangels. Like Metatron he is said to have twelve wings. He is attributed to the planet, Mars, and has also been called "the Angel of Death". In relation to the Tarot, the attribution for Samael is the Tower. In the Aura-Soma system there is a relationship with the Violet/Violet and the Pale Blue/Pale Yellow. Samael comes to help us to see clearly where our false values lie and how we need to address these. Samael brings the possibility of a new hope in relation to a change of being.
Specialties of this bottle: One of the Archangel series. This bottle brings a deepening of the feminine intuition. This may be a guiding light of hope towards the future. There are many things which need to be addressed in relation to our decisions and the direction in which we are traveling. The depth of the Deep Magenta with the Olive Green means a situation of perfect balance. The Olive and the Magenta are direct color opposites on the color wheel.
Issue that may need to be addressed: Irrantion fears may be present, but in this combination it is more likely to be the fear which have validity that suddenly come to the surface. A deepening anxiety becomes to be overwhelming. With Samael there is a possibility that these fears could be resolved, a possibility of a new joy coming about. Its part of the story of to Deep olive/Deep Magenta. The falling away that something new may be born.

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