B101 Jophiel

Pale Blue/ Pale Olive

"I now open myself to enter the garden of the heart with a sense of joy ad gratitude."

The way back to the garden of the heart. The opening of a new level within our being.

Main Theme:
To ground the feeling side of our being. The process of the unfoldment of the heart.
Dominant Characteristics:A new vibration of the heart, an expansion of the heart. The possibility of a real uplifting of the heart to come into a new alignment. An increased awareness enabling us to see many aspects of a situation. A person who is connected through the feeling side of his Being and is able to ground it in this world. A person who radiates trust and communicates from the heart and the intuitive side. This person has walked past all limitations.
Potential Challenge Aspects:Intense feelings of envy and jealousy can create a lack of conscious awareness. B101 can help to overcome the difficulties in relation to feelings of inadequacy and of not being good enough. It can highlight a need to overcome all limited views, limited understandings, so that hearts can open to one another. There is a possibility to discover new levels of trust though the heart
Spiritual Level:To trust the feminine intuitive aspect within, in order to be able to step forward into another dimension of our being. Here is a new possibility for the real beginning of a new Millennium.
Mental Level: Helps to overcome judgements and to find peace in the subconscious, unconscious mind. With the gentleness of this bottle we have the safety to begin to recognize some of our outmoded attitudes and assumptions that can often be running our life from insidious hidden corners of our experience.
Emotional Level: To help to bring the higher communication through to our feelings that our feelings can be touched by what is our higher purpose.
Where to Apply the Substance: Heart & throat chakras in a band all the way around the body.
Affirmation: I can be present to all my feelings. These feelings help me to hear the still small voice within.

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