B100 Metatron

Clear/ Deep Magenta

"I shine the light into the shadow saying "yes" to that which I have denied or said no to within myself."

Shining the light into the shadow. A new dawn in the inner worlds.

Main Theme:
The light coming into the shadow
Dominant Characteristics:The two colors in this bottle reflect all of the colors. The transparency of the light in the above fraction and the Deep Magenta that absorbs all the light in the depths. The possibility to bring the light into the shadow. To be able to see things as they are within the mirror and, at the same time, be prepared to look into what lies within the shadow. To come into an new acceptance of all that lies within the depths. A person who dares to face the greatest challenges with courage and care. Balance and equilibrium after the storm.
Potential Challenge Aspects:A person who might suffer a lot for many reasons. B100 can help us to understand the reasons for suffering. The main reasons for suffering are: getting what we don't want, wanting what we can't have and not being able to distinguish between these two. Difficulties in facing the shadow and all aspects lying within the shadow.
Spiritual Level:The light in the dark - enlightenment through intense caring, intense love, intense light. An important link between the Human Kingdom and the Divine Kingdom. Supports the work on the planetary grid system of the earth.
Mental Level:Shines the light on the issues of self-love and self-acceptance. Helps to release blocks related to self-acceptance.
Emotional Level:Supports the need of love and caring at the deepest level.
Where to Apply the Substance: Anywhere
Affirmation:I see all things as they are.

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