B099 Tzadkiel

Pale Olive/ Pink

"In this moment I am free."

A new opening to the love of self is a step towards one's purpose in the world.

Main Theme:
A step into freedom in a new way
Dominant Characteristics:A new light is being shone on the feminine leadership of the heart. Tzadkiel brings a new watery quality. Faith and the trust for a new beginning for many on the path. The hope for the future that gives the strength to the intuition and the possibility to joy, to love and to peace for the future.
Possible Challenge Aspects:The challenge of letting go of many things and emotions. Difficulties in accepting what lies within. Inability to see that love lies within the self, and therefore being constantly frustrated and wasting one's own energies. The realization that all negative emotions are non-supportive on our awakening journey. The awakening begins from within, not from without.
Spiritual Level: In the connection with the Earth Star within the self a greater understanding arises. Happiness, peace and love begin to manifest upon the earth and on the path.
Mental Level: The possibility of letting go of deep layers of confusion at a conscious level.
Emotional Level: Great happiness, peace and joy on the awakening journey.
Where to Apply the Substance:
Affirmation: I am letting go and accepting what is.

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