B096 Raphael

Royal/ Royal

"The institution grows as I hear more clearly, see more clearly, and taste more clearly. All that is hidden becomes clear."

To bring the creative possibility of conception into form. Clarity in relation to the higher energetics of being.

Main Theme:
Communication of the higher self with the self
Dominant Characteristics: The higher functions of the mind are brought into being in this persons soul - being fed from above into the royal blue energy which is within the depths of the self. There is a very deep peace lying with him/her that is to be brought out in a communication to the world. This bottle symbolizes a long-awaited dream of a time that is to soon come when clarity of vision, clarity of hearing and clarity of thought will be the norm. This bottle indicates one that is aspiring to or already has endured the process of transformation at this point in time. This person is aware of how the dream will manifest for the highest good of all.
Potential Challenge Aspects: This person may have huge survival and security issues with the material aspects of life. Is unable to go inside and listen to the voice of their higher self guiding them. May be resisting waking from the dream they think is real due to a lack of trust in their inner wisdom and a lack of understanding of universal laws and principals. Not allowing the perceptions to come through to the heart and mind - refusing to evolve or even admit that any change is taking place. Someone who cannot see the forest for the trees.
Spiritual Level: To find that little bit of pink energy within the royal blue is to find the potential for awakening within ourselves. The discipline necessary to overcome the self-consciousness in communication and to open up to the possibility of what that awakening experience may bring. It is the potential of awakening that which lies within our core - that which reveals the blueprint for our evolvement from the physical to the spiritual realm. Raphael brings the support to Michael and Gabriel. The support that is issued from above and the possibility of seeing clearly what it is that is in front of us upon our way.
Mental Level: An strong desire to confront survival and security issues at this time. It has to be done in the context of replacing these issues with a peace that passeth all understanding.
Emotional Level: The return of the blue/blue in the royal blue form is that we may awaken the High Priestess within ourselves with energy, that we may become a receptive vehicle, for that which is poured in from above to communicate with our inner-most Being. Those security issues and survival issues were given to us for a reason, a reason which has to do with an immense balance between what is now and what will be required of us.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire hair line and crown, as well as around eye sockets and pineal gland area (third eye - Ajna chakra).
Affirmation: All that is hidden becomes known as my intuition abounds through clarity of vision.

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