B095 - Archangel Gabriel

Magenta/ Gold

"I receive the wisdom & love that is needed for me to evolve towards the higher good."

The messenger from the stars that we may get in touch with our true purpose.

Main Theme:
The alignment of your soul consciousness or true aura with self
Dominant Characteristics: This is a person who has/is awakening to the light of wisdom and the clarity that removes the chains of fear, freeing him/her to experience love and fulfillment. Gabriel signals a time of change in relationships and intense emotional issues. Wisdom (gold) is the bridge that allows us to connect with Divine Love (magenta) which heals the wounds where love has been missing and addictions might have manifested to take loves rightful place. This bottle symbolizes the "wake-up call" to the Christ Consciousness within each of us. Gabriel is the Governor of Eden and ruler of the Cherubim and is unique amongst an otherwise androgynous host. It is almost certain that this great Archangel is the only female in the higher echelons. Gabriel sits on the left hand side of God - further evidence of her being female in nature. Therefore, this person is open to the feminine aspect of our God self - which is creation.
Potential Challenge Aspects: This person needs to be aware of where he/she is not transcending the little things in themselves. Where they are paying too much attention to the external world and not enough to the internal. There is a strong need to shift the focus to the home and the home within. Nurturing one's own vehicle. There is a need for all of us to be caretakers of the Family of Man - he/she may not be able to care for others because they don't fully care for themselves - the magenta energy. Unable to receive the feminine leadership and intuition that is being heralded. May not be living to the highest moral standards that are now being demanded as a Divine soul awakening.
Spiritual Level: Archangel Gabriel is associated with a trumpet, symbolizing the voice of God - the vibration of sound. Gabriel comes to sound the trumpet - awaken the soul - vibrating and awakening the body through the chakras. The trumpet - the voice - the marriage of emotions and intellect. She brings a message of hope - we don't have to follow the path of destruction - we can reconnect to the Family of Man/God.
Mental Level: We're not hearing the wisdom of the ancients and the original "church". Rather, we may have externalized everything and therefore relate to everything in a masculine way. This bottle is about learning to receive. Gabrielle is offering a way to prepare for the huge changes that are coming. Life as we know it materially will change. Religions will crumble.
Emotional Level: The changes all around us generate huge fear. Nothing seems stable. This bottle helps us to untangle and release our paralyzed emotions. All emotions need to be stabilized - this is part of the inner preparation for the changes that are coming. Not suppressing or denying emotions but truly putting one's negative states to rest - this is true stability.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere on the body (excellent as a body oil).
Affirmation: I receive the wisdom and love required to evolve to a higher good.

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