B092 - Gretel

Pale Coral/ Olive

"In the simple things I find the truth & awareness that is my fulfillment."

Feminine leadership, independence. Co-operation rather than competition, Peace as a priority.

Main Theme:
To gain trust in one's own intuition - cooperation not competition
Dominant Characteristics: A person who is able to trust his/her intuition and is able to express what has been recognized through intuition; someone who knows him/herself very well and has overcome many fears. Possesses the ability to make use of difficult external conditions for the inner growth process. Has many deep insights and speaks about them from the heart. Is in touch with whatever his/her real truth is and lives accordingly. Loves the way he/she is. Knows his/her mission is in life and therefore carries a deep joy inside. This joy is his/her greatest treasure.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A very disappointed and disillusioned person who has opened the heart in deep trust. This person may have been abused by others, resulting in cutting him/herself off from intuition. There is a tendency to manipulate the truth in a way that fits personal needs.
Spiritual Level: Makes contact with intuition and the "inner teacher". Links with the energy of the Goddess. Leads to deep insights through practical (spiritual) experiences. Allows the user to recognize his/her own truth and overcome spiritual arrogance.
Mental Level: Helps to say farewell to fears and to look at difficulties in relationships.
Emotional Level: Soothing for someone who has been hurt in relationships. Clears emotional shocks. Helps let go of dependency and co-dependency issues. Also aids in releasing addictions, especially in the context of relationship. Makes it easier to say farewell to this type of relationship and pattern of behavior.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the belly and chest. In case of shock, also apply in a band on the whole right side of the body, from the earlobe down to the right ankle.
Affirmation: Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

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