B091 - Feminine Leadership

Olive/ Olive

"I trust the process of life & through this process I acknowledge, in each moment, a sense of hope which helps me to calm my ways."

Trust in the Holy Spirit. Love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing. A sense of hope. A positive attitude towards that which will come to be.

Main Theme:
Developing feminine leadership qualities - the lessons of the heart
Dominant Characteristics: A leader who truly acts from the heart. Brings spiritual matters to earth, making them accessible on a material level. An abstract thinker and scientific esoteric who is deeply connected with his/her emotional side. Is not afraid to show scars and vulnerability. This person's experiences are very broad. Loves the truth. Is optimistic and practical and concerned with creating a better world. Sacrifices his/her own interests for the good of all. Lives a simple and modest life, but very much from the heart. Some find this person too direct.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Lives a very difficult emotional life. Fear disturbs this person's peace. He/she lacks joy and searches for his/her own reflection instead of looking within. Is often bitter and feels that he/she deserves better than that which life is offering. Is dissatisfied due to a lack of success. Envies anybody who seems to be getting along in life better than he/she is.
Spiritual Level: Enables the user to integrate knowledge and to remember things, to bring them to the practical level. Stimulates a deep understanding of natural laws, of the harmony in nature, and of the underlying patterns.
Mental Level: Helps maintain a clear direction. Promotes hope, as well as the possibility of making new decisions. Useful with certain phobias and hidden fears. Lessens the tendency to criticize people.
Emotional Level: Brings forth the space that is needed to find joy in life. Clears fears that are related to the emotional side, especially the fear of expressing oneself in this manner. Supports people who want to become more relaxed and who want to "loosen up."
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest and abdominal area.
Affirmation: Hope is my way. I trust the process of life.

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