B086 - Oberon

Clear/ Turquoise

"I open myself that creation can express itself through me in the context of love."

Understand of the light upon the path of individuation.

Main Theme: To bring clarity into matters of the heart
Dominant Characteristics: A very creative person who has a strong connection to the distant past. Can convey this wisdom in a precise and moving way (through writing, speaking, artistic expression, etc.). Has close contact with the subconscious and can deal very well with what stems from that area - for example, dreams. Wants to use his/her creativity to ease the suffering of the world. Is a good mirror for others, and possesses teaching abilities.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Has difficulty asserting him/herself. Would like to communicate, but cannot change, and does not "get anything across". Had an extremely difficult life, which closed off his/her psychic abilities. The tears this person has not cried tend to block creativity, communication abilities, and all emotions.
Spiritual Level: Opens up to ancient knowledge. Enables the user to explain his/her spiritual values and truths.
Mental Level: Helps people who work with computers to maintain their creativity and to be open to simple solutions. Also helps with concentration. Makes the user aware that he/she should not only communicate with computers, but also with people (applies especially to children). This substance enables children to stay connected with emotions, to foster friendships, and also to enjoy normal, "old fashioned" children's games.
Emotional Level: Connects with the emotions. Allows suppressed tears to flow so that blockages can be released. After shedding these tears, the person does not feel exhausted. Instead, the heart can open, and the emotional world comes into balance.
Where to Apply the Substance: Along the hairline when dealing with mental problems; otherwise, around the entire chest area.
Affirmation: I open myself so that creation can express itself through me.

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