B083 - Open Sesame

Turquoise/ Gold

"I am open to the wisdom that is revealing itself to me that I may share it from my heart."

The process of individuation in relation to the star of incarnation where we find the wisdom of the past expressed through the creative communication of the heart.

Main Theme: Heartfelt communications of the wisdom of the past - old wine in new skins
Dominant Characteristics: A leader who carries ancient wisdom within and formulates it for a New Aeon. This person has a strong vision for the future and possesses the resources to realize this vision. Like to communicate with many, rather than a few, and is able to realize such communication. Shares knowledge. Understands in this context that the more (information) is given, the more (information) is received in return. Can pass on a deep feeling of happiness that enriches others. Begins to find true "inner gold" through creative expression.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Has difficulty in being in the here and now because of the deep fears that he/she carries within from the past. Even when this person has coped with these fears, extreme anxiety may still be present. Has been persecuted in the past; therefore, suppresses his/her potential, or rather, life seems to suppress this potential. Tends to manipulate and exploit emotional and certain other situations to his/her own advantage, especially if they have to do with power.
Spiritual Level: Opens the door to ancient knowledge, which wants to be expressed through the heart, and which touches people. Releases the spiritual persecution from the past; therefore, the creative potential can be expressed.
Mental Level: Stimulates release of deep confusion, as well as an understanding of what this confusion is about. Artists who experience creative bursts alternating with depression can find an inner balance with this substance (joy within a normal life; a state between extremes that brings contentment.)
Emotional Level: Aids the user in understanding his/her own fears. Helps to be less manipulative and to be clearer with him/herself.
Where to Apply the Substance:: Around the entire trunk.
Affirmation: I open myself to the deepest joy so that I can share it with others.

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