B081 - Unconditional Love

Pink/ Pink

"I love myself the way I am."

Compassion, caring and warmth. The expression of needs in relation to love."

Main Theme: Compassion and understanding. The need for love and self-acceptance
Dominant Characteristics: A very intuitive and concentrated personality, which is evident in everything he/she does. Brings warmth, tenderness, and intuition into all activities. Has compassion and can also express it. Can give and receive love very easily. Has a very strong feminine side. Helps others to overcome their difficulties. Possesses a great talent for working therapeutically with couples. Is connected to his/her feelings and is open about them. A person with intense temperament and a lot of energy.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Longs for love. Feels persecuted. Denies the feminine aspect. Feels no warmth for him/herself. Instead of action, there is only reaction. Always seems to be in a defensive position. Because this person does not follow his/her intuition, difficulties arise.
Spiritual Level:: Opens the heart to unconditional love. Transfers intuitive information into everyday life.
Mental Level: Helps people who grew up without a mother find the maternal energy within themselves. Brings about possible solutions for people who have difficulties in relationships.
Emotional Level: Stimulates self-acceptance.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the abdomen.
Affirmation: I love myself the way I am.

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