B077 - The Cup

Clear/ Magenta

"I let go of my illusions to be able to see what is in front of me more clearly than ever before."

Many things are brought together in the context of the service of the light. The more open we are to receive, the more can be fed in from above.

Main Theme: The power of the Light becomes the power of Life
Dominant Characteristics: An athlete or sports person who is also interested in spiritual matters. Is able to question him/herself. Has a lot of charisma and persuasiveness; can bring clarity into unclear situations. Carries the Christ Consciousness within. Is in harmony with the cosmic laws of the Divine plan. Has access to love "from above".
Potential Challenge Aspects: Needs love excessively. Does not change even though he/she knows it would be important to do so. Justifies whatever action is taken by him/herself. Cannot accept being loved. Manipulates others to get the love he/she wants and is not satisfied with what is received. This person's need for perfectionism is exaggerated in all areas of life. It is possible that he/she leans toward sexual extremes.
Spiritual Level: Brings Divine love down to earth. By stimulating the mental aspect, this substance helps spirituality to develop, which means that it promotes the power of discrimination. Helps to attain clear information from above.
Mental Level: Reveals the qualities of the person. Helps to distance the individual from personal interests of the group at the forefront.
Emotional Level: Releases the need for self-justification. Brings exaggerated ideals back to reality, especially when related to relationships. Stimulates the ability to laugh about oneself.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere on the body.
Affirmation: I let go of my illusions and see clearly.

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