B076 - Trust

Pink/ Gold

"I set myself free to be able to love you as you are."

Self acceptance leads towards the golden area within ourselves to find what we are for & the way we are to do what we are to do.

Main Theme: To reach one's potential through self-love
Dominant Characteristics: A tender, gentle person who gives way to life's difficulties and goes with the flow. Is successful but not arrogant. This person's success is based on consistency. Lets things grow by intuitive wisdom and then gives birth to them. Has powers of extreme concentration and dedication, especially in regard to this wisdom. A genius in his/her field. Can rely on him/herself and is self-determined. A self made person. Can express feelings very clearly. Has the gift of moving forward and backward in time, also to enter past lives and to delve into them in order to attain knowledge and wisdom.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A rigid, self-centered person who does not want to submit to the stress of life. Believes that he/she invests more in life than is received in turn. Thinks that he/she is not getting the love that is needed. Generally fearful, especially with regard to expressing love. Difficulty in opening up to love. Tendency to work constantly, instead of taking a break at times just to "play".
Spiritual Level: Instills wisdom of the past into the present and makes it applicable. Opens the psychic abilities and deep memories.
Mental Level: Helps the intellect to open with deep wisdom. Releases confusion and fears from deep within the self by learning self-respect.
Emotional Level: Encourages the patience to hold back in certain situations, as well as the ability to care for and love oneself.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire abdomen.
Affirmation: I love you so that I set you free

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