B073 - Chang Tsu

Gold/ Clear

"I am happy that I can laugh at myself. I am pleased to see the irony which is presented to me by me."

The connection with the incarnation l star brings clarity of purpose and the understanding of the gifts within one's being.

Main Theme: To transmit deep insights
Dominant Characteristics: An independent thinker who has developed consciousness to a great extent. Can express the knowledge that is within very well. Possesses teaching talents. Has the capacity to overcome many fears. Truly wants to get to now him/herself because he/she comprehends that this is necessary. Is able to develop an excellent discernment in all areas of life. Can see common ground with others, and is, therefore, able to create a positive atmosphere. Understands that one is all the richer the more one gives.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Expects that things "just happen" without the need to take action. As a child, was probably burdened with too much responsibility. Has problems sharing and giving. A person who secretly suffers with fears. Pursues the search for perfection with intensity, but without love. Strives for gold outside, thereby losing contact with the light within.
Spiritual Level: Brings recognition of what the user truly knows. Connects with the inner light. Brings awareness of the fact that a person attracts and brings into his/her life that which relates to him or her. Instills discrimination into spiritual matters.
Mental Level: Shows how thought processes work and in which patterns one keeps getting caught up. Thus, the contents of this bottle stimulate independent thinking. Brings about discernment, especially with respect to whether or not, in certain processes, the ego wants to assert itself or not.
Emotional Level: Assists in coping with deep fears. Releases the feeling of always having to look cheerful. Helps the person accept his/her own strength and authority.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire abdomen.
Affirmation: Happy is the person who can laugh at oneself.

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