B072 - The Clown Pagliacci

Blue/ Orange

"I honor the child within me & know that the child can enter the kingdom of heaven."

Joyful insights to be communicated from within.

Main Theme: To free the "sad clown"
Dominant Characteristics: A person who has a lot of self-respect, without being arrogant. Knows his/her emotional needs, whereby a sense of independence has been reached. Speaks from the depths of his/her own experience, thereby touching others. Insights and instincts truly come from deep within and can also materialize, for example, in art. A person who is devoted to his/her work. Often this person works as an artist, gardener, or as a therapist to those with sexual problems. Can give and receive well. Is able to give up his/her "little ego" for something greater. Has a lot of humor, radiates harmony and humility. Is able to step aside repeatedly and thus, constantly view things anew.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Has had a deep shock, about which he/she can hardly speak. Leans towards relationships where there is a sense of dependency. Tends towards addiction. Has difficulty letting in and expressing feelings. A childish, defiant person who needs recognition and appreciation to the extreme.
Spiritual Level: Stimulates insight and deep happiness. Aids the user in expressing his/her inner truth. Brings peace after a deep spiritual shock. Connects the individual with true humility.
Mental Level: Allows for an understanding of mental processes. Makes it easier to differentiate whether the "little ego" or the higher self is speaking.
Emotional Level: Helps realize which personality aspect is speaking now. Enables the user to care for his/her own emotional needs.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.
Affirmation: "I assure you that whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it."

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