B071 - The Jewel in the Lotus The Essence 2

Pink/ Clear

"Be still and know that I am God."

Taking responsibility for thoughts & feelings open the door to the power of love.

Main Theme: Self-acceptance
Dominant Characteristics: Has a lot of love, empathy, intuition, and creativity. Is gifted in dealing with the sick. Behaves in a very tender, caring, and selfless way. Understands that we create the reality around us, both the "positive" and the "negative." Is able to love from a distance without expecting anything in return. The same applies for healing - often without the other person knowing where the healing energy comes from. Interestingly enough, this person also possesses a great talent for advertising and public relations. Has overcome many fears because he/she has learned to care for and love him/herself.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Feels unloved. Does not want to look within. Believes that he/she is always being tested. Repeats the same mistakes without learning from them. Has no discernment, especially not for where hi/her care is appropriate and appreciated and where it falls flat. Finds it especially difficult to care of one's own needs.
Spiritual Level: Expands sensuality. Brings discernment and the ability to give care and love to oneself. Supports development of healing powers. Helps recognize that all life circumstances are self-created.
Mental Level: Assists in overcoming irrational fears. Brings female qualities into the mind - for example, intuition, empathy, and receptivity.
Emotional Level: Encourages the person to look within and to cope with what one finds there, in a loving, non judgmental way. Releases fears, especially those related to the feeling of not being loved.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the lower abdomen. Additionally, a drop may be applied to the vertebrae at the top of the head.
Affirmation: "Be still, and know, I am God."

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