B070 - Vision of Splendor

Yellow/ Clear

"I open myself to joy & I see the light beginning to shine within me."

The clarity to see the bigger picture more openly. To gain knowledge in relation to the vibration of the light.

Main Theme:
To gain greater clarity
Dominant Characteristics: A sincere person who possesses a strong intellect, combined with empathy. Has knowledge from the past and is interested in philosophy. Finds joy in meditation. Knows him/herself very well. Is patient, active, and loves to be in nature. Can talk about inner experiences very well.
Potential Challenge Aspects: This person is afraid to reveal him/herself, so there is a tendency to stay out of life. An inactive loner. Hides his/her talents, acts in an over intellectual manner (meaning that this person exaggerates self-portrayal to the extent that he/she makes a repulsive or suspicious impression on others).
Spiritual Level: Connects to the astral world and can remove confusion that occurred in connection with that aspect. Provides protection. Helps to overcome lethargy. Aids in gaining insights, especially into the nature of consciousness.
Mental Level: Removes mental confusion and intellectual self-satisfaction. Brings joy, especially in and of one's own thought processes. Connects with inner wisdom. Facilitates integration of newly acquired knowledge (does not apply to children, only to adults).
Emotional Level: Awakens ambition (in the positive sense). Helps to cope with loneliness and to find contentment.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area.
Affirmation: By opening myself to joy, I gain clarity.

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