B069 - Sounding Bell

Magenta/ Clear

"Between polarities I find the true balance in my life."

The purification as a consequence of love from above. The purification derived from putting love in the little things. Being in the moment.

Dominant Characteristics: A successful person who is happy when working creatively. Has found his/her life purpose and understands life. Lives passions in a constructive and healthy way. Has gained material success and emotional satisfaction, often as a result of having a family and feeling content within this family unit. What this person has learned, he/she can pass on very well. Is interested in the well-being of the people that he/she interacts with. Is very concerned about peace. Often invests money in projects such as Amnesty International.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Thinks he/she does not need to learn any more. Has many extreme personality streaks. Does not believe that he/she is getting the love that is needed and, therefore, carries a lot of frustration within. Strives for success in an intense way. Is unable to step back and view his/her own situation in a neutral way.
Spiritual Level: Encourages the user to follow a discipline, especially if the ideals behind it are seen as meaningful. Brings about breakthroughs. Enables the individual to contact the universal consciousness. Opens up to the perception of beauty in the material dimension.
Mental Level: Helps keep the connection when too many things are happening in life. Rebuilds the self-image after a breakdown.
Emotional Level: Fills the void after too much passion has been expressed. Lets suppressed tears flow. After these tears, the user does not feel fatigued but rather, refreshed.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere on the body (excellent as a body oil).
Affirmation: Between extremes, I find balance in my life.

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