B064 Djwal Khul

Emerald Green/ Clear

"The truth comes to me & through me. I feel the earth & her truth express itself through my heart."

The seeker's Master. Seeing of itself. The truth of the search.

Main Theme: The only constant in life is change.
Dominant Characteristics: A seeker of truth who explores truth through his/her feelings. Has understood that life is about learning. Loves to investigate the patterns that work in nature. Always strives for balance. Uses the mind as a tool. A very determined person who feels drawn to high emotions (love, compassion, etc.). A crusader and fighter, who does the right things at the right time. Is in control of his/her thoughts and fate (this is meant in a positive way).
Potential Challenge Aspects: Is very easily disappointed and possessed by fear. Holds onto material things. For emotional reasons, often compromises, which damages the integrity. Holds onto grief instead of going deeper to explore the reasons behind it and working with it, even though this person would have the potential and opportunities to do so. Indulges in false modesty. Does not want to look at the difficulties in life because is unsure where his/her path leads. If this person would turn to the light, he/she would very easily see what the true goals are.
Spiritual Level: Facilitates an understanding of the cycles of life and death. Helps gain wisdom from life's experiences. Inspires joy. A bottle for a new beginning, which helps to bring the individual's own destiny into a new direction.
Mental Level: Supports the search for truth. Injects clarity into the subconscious in order to find out which tendencies rule this person's behavior.
Emotional Level: Helps release feelings that have not been let out. Also brings balance and clarity into the emotional life. Encourages the person to adapt to emotional change. Brings about a deep relationship with nature.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area.
Affirmation: May the spirit of truth come to earth so I can find the inner light. 

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