B062 Maha Cohan

Pale Turquoise/ Pale Turquoise

"I am grateful to be able to go with the flow of life."

Light on the path of individuation. The clarity of the communication of the heart.

Main Theme: Connection between intellect and spirituality.

Dominant Characteristics: Someone with outstanding creative ability t help others through listening to their problems and understanding their needs. A humble person, who ma be involved in media or computer technology.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Tendency to punish and condemn him/herself for all kinds of reasons. Is afraid to express feelings, which leads to physical complaints. Loves the wrong people. Probably, this person's heart has been broken and has never healed. Has difficulties with modern tools - for example, with computers (technophobia).
Spiritual Level: Helps to get on the "level above", from where one can see more clearly. Brings freedom from fear and the possibility of releasing old patterns. Facilities communication with inner and outer space. Inspires humility, and trust in the "flow". Helps let go of unconscious pressure.
Mental Level: Releases creative blockages. Strengthens people who are prone to shocks, and supports them. Encourages the individual to suppress the tendency to punish him/herself.
Emotional Level: Helps heal a broken heart and aids in processing the past. This substance is beneficial to people who have loved someone who was not good for them to come to terms with the resulting pain. Reduces feelings of isolation.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area and around the throat/neck.
Affirmation: I go with the flow of life.

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