B063 Djwal Khul & Hilarion

Emerald Green/ Pale Green

"I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing."

A truth discovered when one gives oneself the space to be able to see oneself as one is.

Main Theme: Learning to understand the purpose of life.
Dominant Characteristics: A very open person who has the courage to speak the truth. Is always in the right place at the right time. Is assured of his/her own success, even if it will be success that occurs later in life. Is ready for any situation . A good referee, who is in tune with other people's needs. A practical idealist who believes in tomorrow and who has understood his/her life's purpose. Is selfless and understands the worries of those he/she is in contact with. Has great perseverance. A Good Samaritan in the best sense of the term. Possibly works for charities. Possesses the ability to make new discoveries in science.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Indulges in negative feelings and has great difficulties seeing the positive side of things. Arrogance can hinder this person's success. Keeps him/herself imprisoned in fear and narrow belief systems. This kind of behavior is in the way, especially when he/she wants to see the truth. Has not used youth well. Cannot handle time.
Spiritual Level: Brings about a sense of peace and a feeling of renewal. Establishes a connection with the real purpose of life, as well as ones own true ideals.
Mental Level: Encourages the release of phobias, especially agoraphobia and claustrophobia. This substance balances people who tend to give too much.
Emotional Level: Opens up to deep joy. Helps to overcome fears and boundary problems.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area.
Affirmation: I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. 

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