B060 Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin

Blue/ Clear

"I am free from all limitations. Obstacles, & distractions."

Finding the clarity within to be able to communicate from the light.

Main Theme: To find such deep peace that one calmly accepts everything that life places in one's path
Dominant Characteristics: Has attained wisdom because this person always questions him/herself and life anew (this is meant in the most positive sense). Is connected with the deepest depths. Recognizes the lessons that are inherent in difficult situations. On the one hand, he/she has a charismatic quietness and a charismatic silence, which means that through these qualities, can influence a situation very positively; on the other hand, though, it is a pleasure to talk to this person. Has a realistic evaluation of one's own abilities. Can receive very well, therefore is able to give (for example, by listening and thereby giving support to other people). Has developed a strong presence.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Gives too much without being aware that over exertion is the result. Pays too much attention to other people's opinions and therefore, feels fragmented and disconnected. Hides one's own qualities. Finds it difficult to share what weighs heavily on the mind, which is, above of all, uncried tears. Has no feeling for proportions, which means that this person places too much importance on details.
Spiritual Level: Inspires feelings of peace. Frees from limitations. Helps keep the inner light burning - that is, maintains the awareness that something is living inside that can never be destroyed.
Mental Level: Brings the roots of unconscious suffering to awareness, thereby helping this person become free from that suffering. Makes it easier to question oneself and gives support to achieve positive, growth-facilitating results.
Emotional Level: Calms exaggerated impulsiveness. Helps to express emotional problems.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the throat and neck.
Affirmation: I free myself from all limitation.

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