B058 Orion & Angelica

Pale Blue/ Pale Pink

"I find freedom in the here & now. I trust the changes that are taking place in the moment."

To help all of the subtle bodies to be in the right place at the right time. A balance with the subtle fields.

Main Theme: Inner and outer journeys
Dominant Characteristics: A sensitive person who can build bridges between matter and mind. Experiences the miracles of life like a child and uses this ability very constructively. This is meant in a very positive way. Can express him/herself skillfully and precisely; is well balanced and patient and in the present moment. Concerned with transformation. At the same time, is aware of his/her own Divine spark and also perceives the Divine spark in other people. Loves the earth, often works in ecological areas. Likes to travel.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Manipulates him/herself and others with emotions. Is convinced that this is done in the name of truth. His/her "inner child" needs healing, which means that this person is emotionally immature. Finds it difficult to express feelings and has difficulty with physical contact.
Spiritual Level: Opens up to information from other dimensions and enables a recognition of the Divine spark in oneself and in others. Supports changes in this person's spiritual life. Cleanses - for example, after a stay in surroundings with a negative atmosphere.
Mental Level: Helps teenagers with problems during puberty. Eases emotional crises, especially those related to male or female role models (father or mother). This applies to teenagers as well as adults.
Emotional Level: Aids in overcoming irrational fears and frustrations of the "inner child." Helps to develop stronger resistance, to change negative feelings, and to reduce over sensitivity.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the abdomen, the throat, and along the hairline.
Affirmation: I reach the here and now, and change is taking place.

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