B057 Pallas Athena

Pale Pink/ Pale Blue

"I let go & trust the process of life."

Creativity and right livelihood. Attention to details.

Main Theme: To release the patterns of the past
Dominant Characteristics: An artist who can express him/herself through writing, painting, music, dance, etc. Is dynamic and in the flow; does the right things at the right time. Finds it easy to go on "inner journeys" (visualization, meditation, dreams, etc. ). Has access to great strength because their male and female aspects are balanced. Has overcome many difficulties and is aware of his/her own limitations. Works for the advancement of humanity in different areas (art, society, ecology). Has access to knowledge, sometimes even to material things from the past (for example, through inheritance).
Potential Challenge Aspects: Reason and emotions often conflict. Sets goals too high. It is difficult for this person to let go of the past. Male and female personality aspects are not balanced, which results in difficulties in integrating further personality aspects.
Spiritual Level: Establishes access to ancient knowledge, to creative inspiration from a deep (soul) level and to a balance of the male and female personality aspects. Shows where on the spiritual path the user is at the moment. Enables the individual to reduce dogmatic behavior and to communicate spiritual information in a human, understandable way.
Mental Level: Stimulates love of life, thereby instilling inner peace. Enables the person to get in "the flow". Encourages a positive view of the material side of life and of life in general.
Emotional Level: Harmonizes the emotional and mental level. Brings freshness into relationships.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the lower abdomen, around the throat, and along the hairline.
Affirmation: I let go and trust. 

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