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Pale Violet/ Pale Violet

"All of the negativity of the past is being transmuted by the lilac flame that burns brightly around me. I feel inspired."

Overcoming the desire to be invisible. To act as a catalyst in the world.

Main Theme: Releasing negativity on all levels
Dominant Characteristics: A reformer and inspired teacher who is humorous, masters thought processes, and possesses a creative intellect. Can subordinate him/herself and knows when this is appropriate. Situations can be influenced positively through this person's presence; acts as a catalyst. Keeps fit; knows exercise is important for overall well-being. Possesses a strong intuition and strong psychic abilities. Likes to be on his/her own, feels at home in his/her own personal world, but also likes to travel and seek out new adventures.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A martyr in the negative sense of the word. Is caught up in personal thought and behavior patterns, which is why this person's life circumstances do not change. Feels internally stressed and finds the material world threatening. A loner who feels homeless, in the literal and figurative sense. Longs to be anywhere else but here. Is trapped in his/her own world and in the past. Carries out physical castigation and physical training to the extreme.
Spiritual Level: Supports the search for higher truth. Frees the user from the difficulties that can arise if he/she is too occupied with the suffering of the world. Establishes a link with self-love and inner peace. Helps one live with less self-torment and to find sense in meditation practices. Awakens psychic abilities.
Mental Level: Interrupts thoughts that move in circles. Stimulates intuition. Helps release self-denial tendencies and patterns from the past.
Emotional Level: Clears negative emotional patterns, especially in relation to criticism. Gives clarity with respect to conflicts.
Where to Apply the Substance: Along the hairline.
Affirmation: I trust that my intuition is based on reason.

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