B055 The Christ

Clear/ Red

"I awaken to the mystery of the body as love."

The energy to work with and for the light.

Main Theme: To develop sacrificial love
Dominant Characteristics: A spiritual pioneer and also a pioneer in the concrete, material world. Is very aligned to the truth. Possesses a lot of wisdom but does not show off with it. Is willing to sacrifice him/herself for a higher cause. Often works without asking for money. (This is meant in the best sense - gives without expecting anything in return). Is objective and can, once having embarked on a task, see exactly how it will end up. An idealist who manifests ideas in a practical way. Equality for woman is a matter of concern for this person. Has no problems at all with sexuality. Understands the material side of life very well.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Harbors a lot of frustration, resentment, and anger from the past. Has possibly been very affected by a material loss. On the one hand, suffers as far as worldly matters are concerned; on the other hand, is very focused on the material world and sensuality. Has had a lot of conflicting experiences if life and cannot cope with them. Demands a personal revelation (from the universe, from existence...) but that may not happen because this person is too tense.
Spiritual Level: Facilitates the process of initiation and transformation of the self. Creates a clear channel for energy. Leaders experience humility when using this substance. The feeling of being disconnected from existence is reduced.
Mental Level: Brings about clarity of thought. Helps to stop identifying with everything, as well as to let go of resentment.
Emotional Level: Frees the individual from the feeling that he/she is not being heard. Resolves anger and frustration and helps to transform these emotions in a positive way. Useful in overcoming childhood traumas, as well as the sense of being a martyr.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire lower abdomen. (should not be used too late in the afternoon or evening because this substance is very energizing, which can lead to sleep problems.)
Affirmation: I have the energy to follow my ideals.

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