B054 Serapis Bey

Clear/ Clear

"I see rainbows within which remind me of God's promise."

The understanding of suffering. The power of the light and purification.

Main Theme: Cleansing and detoxification on all levels
Dominant Characteristics: A philosopher with strong personal ideals. Has recognized many things and has realized quite a bit. Understands conflict, pain, and suffering. Has a clear view of the most varied things and for the most different levels of problems. Has access to universal knowledge. A "rainbow warrior" (an expression by Vicky Wall), meaning that this person has the potential and strength to awaken the rainbow within. And to "awaken the rainbow" means to balance the chakras and to have them at one's fullest disposal.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Holds on to institutions of the past. Always feels unprepared, is completely thrown by unexpected events. Is obsessed and tormented, places too much attention on details. Suffers enormously. This person's tears have washed the color out of his/her life.
Spiritual Level: Allows for a change in energy. Removes the cobwebs of the past. Brings old sexual matters into consciousness so that they can be solved. Aids in becoming aware of the light body. Cleanses, and is especially recommended during and after fasting.
Mental Level: Gives freedom of decision making as well as understanding in conflict and pain situations. Helps release exaggerated expectations and to accept what is there.
Emotional Level: Frees accumulated tears, which leads to refreshment. Aids in clearing deep levels of suffering and inner conflict. Gives courage to cope with difficult emotions.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere on the body.
Affirmation: Whether I laugh or cry, I see the rainbow in my tears. 

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