B053 Hilarion

Pale Green/ Pale Green

"I am able to make decisions, I am able to see my direction clearly, I am on my way to find the truth."

The Way, the Truth & the Life. A balance with the heart where the heart has been through a process of purification.

Main Theme: The Way, the Truth, and Life (this is meant literally, not as a Christian reference)
Dominant Characteristics: A practical scientist who understands the cosmic laws. Knows his/her way. Has a very good memory and discernment, knows exactly when he/she is on the wrong track or when a process is heading towards deceit. Because this person has become free of deep tension, he/she can easily attain states of consciousness.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Harbors all kinds of guilt feelings within. Can be extremely envious and jealous. Feels disconnected from others. Believes that others deceive him/her. Finds that in the spiritual realm, materialism prevails. This person's dogmatic views do not change. Does not recognize the system of which he/she is a part, which leads to rigidity.
Spiritual Level: Helps to connect with nature in a spiritual way and to build more stamina. Inspires faith. Aids in perception of the different aspects of a situation and in finding a true direction. Deepens the spiritual connection through awareness of correct body posture, proper breathing, etc.
Mental Level: Refreshes the mind when there is the feeling of being stuck. Resolves phobias and hidden fears. Instills clarity into a situation when deception has occurred and when there are tendencies toward self-deception.
Emotional Level: Eases guilt feelings. Helps to cope with jealousy and envy, as well as with fears that are related so space (claustrophobia and agoraphobia). Makes it easier to live one's own truth. Helps the individual feel comfortable with him/herself.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire heart area.
Affirmation: I find my own truth.

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