B052 Lady Nada

Pale Pink/ Pale Pink

"I love myself the way I am."

The communication for self acceptance in a profound & deep way.

Main Theme: To experience unconditional love
Dominant Characteristics: A reformer who allows him/herself and others to be idealistic. Is concerned with questions of ecology and humanity. Has a lot of empathy; is not attached to material things. Possesses a very high level of concentration, which is very emphatic. That is apparent to everybody who is with this person. Cares in very practical ways for others, which often shows in his/her profession. Recognizes when other people need love and, so, gives it to them.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Is still giving even when abused and exploited. Harms him/herself by this. Has a restless mind, can hardly relax. Feels fragmented and empty. Feels unloved. Everything is too much for this person. Indulges in spiritual illusions (for example, identifies with a very beautiful aspect of the self that he/she might have encountered during meditation, and does not recognize that he/she, like everyone else, still needs to work a lot on the self in order to realize this aspect).
Spiritual Level: Supports and speeds up the process of awakening. Helps to be concentrated during meditation. Brings spiritual illusions back to earth. Facilitates the understanding of the Christ energy, the Christ consciousness. (This energy has nothing to do with the historical Jesus and is accessible to each person, no matter whether he/she is Christian, Moslem ... non religious, or even an atheist).
Mental Level: Calms a restless mind. Stimulates intuition as well as concentration; particularly helpful before and during examinations.
Emotional Level: Aids in the integration of positive aspects of the mother or, more abstractly, of the female role model. Facilitates the processing of possible abuse (not only with sexual, but also physical (beatings), mental and spiritual). In most cases, the victims are convinced they are unworthy and do not deserve love. This substance also assists in the process of resolving these difficulties and in the development of self-love.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the abdomen. With mental problems, apply one drop to top vertebra at the head, one drop to the temples, and one drop to the neck, and rub it in.
Affirmation: I love myself as I am.

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