B051 Kuthumi

Pale Yellow/ Pale Yellow

"I am standing between worlds. I hear the voice of the angels & know that it is my task to communicate with the devic energies of the earth."

Two way communication between that which is above us and that which is beneath us. A communication with the devic realms.

Main Theme: The intellect in search of wisdom
Dominant Characteristics: A spiritual warrior, a person who is willing to take the initiative to defend something. Is of high mental flexibility, thinks and acts independently. Teaches and leads in a supportive way without interfering too much. Inspires others to live up to their potential. Is a master of his/her own fate. The intellect is clear and strong, in a positive sense. Has a very good understanding of numbers (in all connections, from mathematics to numerology).
Potential Challenge Aspects: A joyless person who can be very dogmatic and therefore goes through life with blinders on. Expects and fears all kinds of things instead of being in the present moment. Is inflexible. Has invested too much in the intellect and realizes that this is a hindrance to progress.
Spiritual Level: Inspires spiritual discrimination, empathy, and compassion. Helps to show others where they are destined to go. Brings more clarity to wisdom from the past.
Mental Level: Facilitates the process of solving intellectual problems and, as a result, aids in the integration of knowledge and wisdom that has been gained from this process. Stimulates mental flexibility. Brings forth an understanding of how the microcosm works.
Emotional Level: Aids in overcoming fears, especially fears of anticipation. Brings joy into a joyless life.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the solar plexus area.
Affirmation: I am standing at the gate and know that joy is just behind it. 

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