B045 Breath of Love

Turquoise/ Magenta

"Everything is beautiful in its own way."

The need to unfold the love from above in relation to the feeling side of being. The gift of the coming and the going of the breath, moment to moment.

Main Theme: Give and take in love
Dominant Characteristics: Has access to ancient knowledge and understands this knowledge very well. A sensitive person with strong intuition. Loves beauty in all areas of life. Creative but determined, is in contact with his/her feminine aspect. Endeavors to achieve inner balance and always establishes it anew. This person's love is linked to his/her life purpose, which means that he/she may be in a caring profession and really love that work. Have the ability to plan things carefully and in such a way that everything is beautiful and pleasant. Is concerned that the people invited also feel comfortable and welcome.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Holds onto a past love, which has a negative influence on the current situation. This person's emotional blocks hamper his/her sexuality. Has difficulty expressing him/herself. Due to a problem with verbalizing feelings, this person tends to experience them vicariously. Takes on other people's problems and tries to fix them. Is very ambitious, overestimates own abilities and withdraws.
Spiritual Level: Helps the user develop compassion and to feel unconditional love. Gives a feeling of growth and expansion. Fosters recognition of clairvoyant abilities and a renewal of inner strength.
Mental Level: Useful in coping with the consequences of suppressed sexual feelings. Inspires creativity. Enables the person to distance him/herself from all kinds of problems and entanglements.
Emotional Level: Helps to give more authenticity to the soul and to the expression of feelings; gives emotions a new focus. Connects the user with his/her own emotions so that he/she no longer needs to feed off those of others. Encourages the person to care for him/herself.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere on the body. When there is stress, apply around the heart area especially.
Affirmation: Everything is beautiful in its own way. 

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