B044 The Guardian Angel

Lilac/ pale Blue

"I feel the lightness of my being. I feel protected & that all of the forces surrounding me, service me the best way that they can."

The sense of a presence. Being in the moment whereby clarity come in communication.

Main Theme: Transformation of negativity to peace
Dominant Characteristics: A transformer who liberates him/herself and others. A person with a peace mission, who is in contact with God and transforms that in very practical ways (co-creation). Is aware of his/her own Divine spark. A healer who is very inspired and in contact with the Higher Self. Communicates in a kind, easy, yet profound way. Is very focused and is a good co-worker/team worker. Has to work hard to fulfill his/her life purpose, but is happy to do so. Is connected with the realm of angels, with the etheric spheres, and can talk about these subjects.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Lacks inner peace. Is not grounded. Is desperate about his/her life circumstances, about existence in general, and doubts God. Had a difficult childhood, which is still unresolved. Deceives him/herself and spends time in wishful thinking. Fosters expectations that everything will turn out all right, even in situations that make such an outcome impossible.
Spiritual Level: Encourages Divine inspiration and support from "above". Connects the user with the inner flow and enables him/her to trust this flow. Brings the ability to find his/her own philosophy of life outside fixed structures (for example, religions). Unites the person to the "oasis of the soul" - that is, to the knowledge that "deep within me there is a place where I can recharge."
Mental Level: Encourages integration of the different aspects of life. Opens the mind for "higher intelligence"; for example, for extrasensory perception. Has a grounding effect. Helps to erase old patterns.
Emotional Level: Brings joy and a clear motivation that is independent from the desires of the ego. Releases suffering that results from egocentricity. Frees from childhood trauma and from the results of possible physical, mental, or sexual abuse.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the throat and along the hairline.
Affirmation: I let go and do not expect anything.

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