B043 Creativity

Turquoise/ Turquoise

"I am in the flow. I let go of everything that restricts my awareness of the flow of life."

Creative communication through the feeling side of the being. The process of individuation unfolds.

Main Theme: Communication through art and mass media
Dominant Characteristics: A searcher of truth who constantly examines him/herself, but feels in harmony anyway. Exhibits "elasticity of the mind" - meaning that he/she is very flexible and open to new things. Has an affinity for the stars, directly and abstractly - for example, concerning astrology, astronomy, and the experience of the night sky. Possesses communication abilities beyond the verbal level (dance, painting, music, etc.). If not artistically talented, applies a creative note to everything that is done. Has a good spiritual connection. Is in contact with angels and devas.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A sad person who is ruled by the patterns of the subconscious. Is not in touch with their feelings, does not know him/herself, but on the other hand, is narcissistic. Feels rebuffed due to rejection. Someone who is not awake.
Spiritual Level: Improves self-perception. Helps decipher the secrets of life. Gives courage to perform in front of larger groups, not so much as the "great guru", but in a way that includes the listeners in the auditorium.
Mental Level: Inspires one to formulate and verbalize ideas, as well as to "dig out" subconscious matters and to talk about them. Supports people who impart knowledge beyond language (for example, massage, dance, and music teachers).
Emotional Level: Helps to feel accepted and to feel well overall. Releases blockages. Assists in overcoming foolish infatuations.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire heart area.
Affirmation: Everything is flowing. I go with the flow.

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