B040 I AM

Red/ Gold

"I say "yes" to the situations, circumstances & conditions of life."

The energy for wisdom. The energy that is the consequence of wisdom. A sense of expansion, enthusiasm & growth.

Main Theme: Self-realization or self-knowledge
Dominant Characteristics: Carries deep wisdom within, and can express this. Is very close to awakening - meaning he/she is in the process of self-discovery and has already come a long way. A person who, when planning, weighs the existing opportunities and then commits him/herself to the most probable. Is in harmony and is of healthy mind and body. Usually a very successful business person who enjoys his/her work. Can present a good appearance to others. Has ecological interests, also. Is creative and constantly reviews his/her own thinking.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A very dominant person who frightens others. Carries a lot of guilt within. Has inner conflicts and perceives him/herself unrealistically. At the same time, judges and condemns others. Always feels misunderstood. A naive person, in the negative sense of the word. Has sexual problems. Finds it especially difficult to express sexuality.
Spiritual Level: Encourages the user to get in contact with earth energies (philosophically and concretely, as in dowsing, etc.). Furthers the utilization of sexual energies for spiritual work (for example, through Tantra). Allows the individual to perceive the wealth of the soul in him/herself and in others. Transforms meditation into action. Awakens the Christ energy.
Mental Level: Resolves mental conflicts, especially in connection with anticipation fears. Useful in freeing the user from dependency, co-dependency, and certain addictions, as well as in finding out what his/her real responsibility is.
Emotional Level: Resolves fears, frustration, shocks, and the feeling of being misunderstood, and helps the person connect with joy. Beneficial in overcoming emotional naivete, as well as fears - especially fears having to do with money and health issues. Allays guilt feelings and the tendency to blame others. Frees the person from old, limiting patterns.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere between the base and solar plexus chakras.
Affirmation: I say "yes" to life.

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